Notes on Android Studio setup on M1 Macbook


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Some notes

  1. JDK setup

Download JDK from Azul site

Using Azul JDK above

2. Android Studio download

Choose the ARM version (in preview mode)

3. Setup ENV

export ZSH="/Users/toantran/.oh-my-zsh"
export ANDROID_HOME="/Users/toantran/Library/Android/sdk"
export ANDROID_PLATFORM=$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools
export ANDROID_TOOLS="/Users/toantran/Library/Android/sdk/tools/bin"
export JAVA_HOME="/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/zulu-8.jdk/Contents/Home"

With editing in ~/.zshrc and then run

source ~/.zshrc

to update those variable settings

3. Accept licenses

yes | sdkmanager --licenses