Portable VPN device

Recently, 1 of the project I found on KickStarter was Kezeel. The idea is really cool. Basically, it’s a small device to bring with you and helps establish a secure Wifi hotspot to their VPN clouds. The devices will server Wifi connection to any devices without complicated VPN client configurations. Sounds great, right?

Looking to buy it but then I found some negative reviews on YouTube video about its, some people even asked for refund already.

If you can buy it, let’s build it!

Precondition: I have 2 Raspberry Pi gen 2.


  1. Setup VPN servers on Digital Ocean - 1 server is good enough for proof of concept, let’s scale up later.
  2. Setup my Pi to be a hotspot device, running STA and AP dual modes. (Not sure if this works!!)
  3. Have an app (in ReactNative) to be able to configure the settings for Pi (like SSID, Password, etc)
  4. Running a simple Node Express app to serve as settings server.

Attempt #1:

Attempt #2:

  • Try with a Pi gen 3. Since Pi 3 has 1 built-in WLAN adapter, it may recognize 2nd USB WLAN adapter.
  • [Tryging - To-be known]