Toan Tran

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

[email protected]


Mobile/Backend Developer (Android Mobile, ReactNative, Nodejs backend)

I work on translating ideas into real products.


Lead Developer -  East Agile [2014 - Now]

  • Android, Hybrid platforms, IoT, APIs

Typical projects:

  1. (IoT, Android, Python, Beaglebone board, Linux, Java Embedded)

  2.  (Python, Django, RESTful API)

  3. (NodeJS, MongoDB, Mongoose)

  4. GeekNews ( WIP, ReactNative, NodeJS, Hybrid app).

Android Developer - Marketmind AS/NetPower AS [2011 - 2014]

  • Developed real-time stock trading application for phone and tablet devices.

  • Worked on various customized projects for Norwegian customers.

Typical Published apps:

Part time Android Developer - DoTanksStudio - UK [Remote work - 2013 ]

  • Developed customer projects.

  • Building internal framework for quick application development.

Typical Published app:

Part time Android Developer - ScopicSoftware - US [Remote work - 2014]

  • Developed customer projects.

Typical Published app:

Independent projects

  1.  - A startup project to build a price comparison system based on automated crawling, updating mechanism and natural language processing (NLP) (from July 2011 to May 2012)

    My roles: Python backend developer with NLP relating issues and Android mobile app development.

  2. - An idea me and my friend had from a hackathon event hosted by Google Developer Group @Ho Chi Minh City in November 2013. This app has been published on Google Play with more than 6000 downloads

  3. PiCamera - Turn your Raspberry Pi into a home surveillance camera. Capture photo and upload into Dropbox.

  4. GeekNews (Native Android) - News filter and reader for Android devices. Sources collected from


B.S,. Computer Science - University of Information Technology - Vietnam National University (HCM Campus) Bachelor of Science — 2008

Honor Program, Research student.

Main interest in Natural Language Process (esp, Vietnamese),  Machine learning.